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Your Emergency is Our Priority

TRU Dentistry is Here to Help You Through COVID-19 Don’t lose sleep over a dental emergency – even under Governor Greg Abbot’s order that dental practices postpone routine procedures due to COVID-19, TRU Dentistry Austin is here to help. “We

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The Stress of COVID-19 Can Hurt Your Mouth, Too

It is well known that stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, but it also stresses out our dental health. Heightened stress—like living through a historic pandemic like the coronavirus (COVID-19)—weakens our immune system and can also disrupt our normal

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Dental Health and Safety During a Pandemic

When to Cancel or Keep Your Dental Appointment When it seems like the whole world (SXSW! Disneyland! NCAA!) is closing down to protect against a pandemic like the coronavirus (COVID-19), everything comes into question. Should you, for example, keep that

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Terrible Things People Do with Their Teeth

Maybe it’s because our teeth are the hardest part of our bodies. Maybe it’s just human nature to take our health and strength for granted. Whatever the case, we humans have an unfortunate tendency to do terrible things with our

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Ow! What to Do About Sensitive Teeth

Pain in the mouth is like no other. It’s no wonder, really, since it’s hard to avoid the very things that can trigger the pain – like chewing, drinking, or even breathing. Your mouth is directly connected to the tendons,

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