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Dentist Insights & Tips

Root Canal to the Rescue

“Root canal” is one of those dental phrases that sounds scary. But it’s actually one of the best, most cost-effective ways to save a tooth. And it’s one of the least painful. “If it is done well AND is properly

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Getting Back to TRU Life Post-Coronavirus

Did you have to put off a dental appointment while under lockdown for the coronavirus? You’re not alone. There are a lot of people tolerating from that unshakeable feeling of “fuzzy” teeth after dental offices were restricted to emergency treatment

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Dental Self-Care During the Pandemic

Scientists expect the COVID-19 virus to remain a concern for months to come, even as officials discuss easing up on stay-at-home orders and restrictions on businesses. When restrictions are initially lifted, many people will maintain social distancing and other precautions

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Your Emergency is Our Priority

TRU Dentistry is Here to Help You Through COVID-19 Don’t lose sleep over a dental emergency – even under Governor Greg Abbot’s order that dental practices postpone routine procedures due to COVID-19, TRU Dentistry Austin is here to help. “We

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The Stress of COVID-19 Can Hurt Your Mouth, Too

It is well known that stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, but it also stresses out our dental health. Heightened stress—like living through a historic pandemic like the coronavirus (COVID-19)—weakens our immune system and can also disrupt our normal

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Dental Health and Safety During a Pandemic

When to Cancel or Keep Your Dental Appointment When it seems like the whole world (SXSW! Disneyland! NCAA!) is closing down to protect against a pandemic like the coronavirus (COVID-19), everything comes into question. Should you, for example, keep that

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