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TRU Dentistry Austin is the best dental office in Austin County, We provide top-notch dental services across Austin County including Brodie Ln, South Austin, and Sunset Valley. Patients of all ages can receive dental services from our dentistry under one roof.

What To Do In Dental Emergency?

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Faced with a dental emergency? Don’t panic! Act quickly to minimize discomfort and potential complications. For severe toothaches, bleeding, or knocked-out teeth, Call us immediately or seek urgent dental care. If possible, gently apply pressure to control bleeding and save any dislodged tooth fragments. Remember, timely intervention is key to preserving your oral health and ensuring a smooth recovery from any dental emergency.

How Cosmetic Dentists Will Help You For A Perfect Smile

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Are you hoping to wake up with a smile that lights up the room? Look no further than a cosmetic dentist! Cosmetic dentists are smile architects, using their expertise and advanced techniques to address various concerns. Whether you have stubborn stains, chips, gaps, or misalignment, a cosmetic dentist can craft a personalized treatment plan to give you the confident, picture-perfect smile you’ve always desired. Areas We Serve in Austin can help you find a cosmetic dentist near you to turn your smile dreams into reality.

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

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Traditional braces and Invisalign both straighten teeth, but which is right for you?  Consider your lifestyle! Invisalign uses clear aligners for a near-invisible aesthetic and allows for easy removal when eating or brushing. Braces offer precise control over tooth movement, making them ideal for complex cases.  Consult an Invisalign dentist to discuss your unique needs and determine which treatment option will give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

How Long Does Dental Implants Last?

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Considering dental implants? They’re known for their impressive longevity, lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 years or even a lifetime with proper care. This exceptional durability makes them a worthwhile investment, potentially eliminating the need for future replacements, unlike traditional bridges or dentures.

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If you are looking for a complete transformation and want to enhance your appearance then consult our dentists today. Simply call us at (737) 203-8538 or visit our dental office in Austin, TX to book an appointment with us. We are looking forward to helping you maintain your beautiful smile. Get in touch with us today!

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TRU means what it says. Count on us to be TRU to you… TRU service, prices, and smiles.

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Alexandra Phillips
Alexandra Phillips
Hands down, best dental practice I’ve ever experienced. The entire team is kind, attentive, and reassuring. In past years, I’ve had poor and painful dental experiences, but now Dr. Nyguen’s genuine concern for my mental and physical well-being makes me feel safe. She’s the perfect combination of brilliant and empathetic that one would want in a medical provider. This office has great scheduling availability, easy parking, and lovely ambiance. Look no further, this is the place you’ve been searching for.
May 02, 2024
Michell C
Michell C
I love this place and have referred many of my friends to Tru Dentistry. The staff is super friendly, fast, and informative. Dr. Nguyen is incredibly sweet and really cares to make her patients happy. I never dread my dentist appointments and always feel happy when leaving their office.
Apr 15, 2024
Megan Bernard
Megan Bernard
I’m usually nervous about the dentist, and haven’t been in some years between Covid, anxiety, life and such. The crew here made me feel so at ease, were so kind from the minute I walked in the door, and really took the time to walk me through a treatment plan that would get me back on track while still making sure I’d have a good experience. So happy I found them as my new dentist office!
Mar 12, 2024
Gabby DeJesus
Gabby DeJesus
Very nice people , and very clean place! BUT WOW it’s very expensive here ! I been trying to look for a dental place that i can go get some work done , and get a second opinion ,so i been to a few dental place but this one was the most expensive ! I was quoted for an implant a pretty crazy amount, and then i just received a bill in the mail for the portion that my insurance couldn’t cover , so after they paid a portion i still owe almost $300 just for some X-rays , I am sure they’re great at want they do just make sure you have amazing insurance! Honestly there’s a lot of great dentist in south Austin and more affordable!
Apr 24, 2024
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson
TRU Dentistry provided such a wonderful experience for me! I was nervous about coming, because I haven’t been to the dentist in longer than I’d like to admit. But from the moment I walked in I felt taken care of. Gabby was AMAZING! She immediately chatted with me and made me feel so comfortable there (and I never thought I would put “comfortable” and “dentist” in the same sentence!) She went above and beyond- truly excellent customer service! Dr. Nguyen was gentle and explained everything in a way I understood, which eased any anxiety I had coming in. She also explained that if I am nervous when I come back for my tooth procedure, they will make sure to address that. Overall this was a fantastic experience, and I will definitely be continuing to visit TRU for my dentistry needs!
Dec 21, 2023

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