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Cosmetic Dentist Austin TX

Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin, TX

Our smile is one of the most precious things that we own. They can make or break our impressions. Do not let your smile come in the way of your social and professional endeavors. Are you embarrassed by your smile? Visit our Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin today to get the best cosmetic dental procedures and achieve the smile of your dreams. We have the best dentists who are highly trained in the field of cosmetic dentistry. They will address all your concerns and devise a treatment plan to turn your dream smile into reality. Just schedule an appointment with us today and half the job is done!

What Are The Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dental procedures, along with improving your appearance, are also highly beneficial for your dental health. Choosing to get these procedures done early in life, can protect you from several oral health complications in the long run. Some of the advantages have been listed below.

Types Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures Offered At TRU Dentistry Austin

Here at Tru Dentistry Austin, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services that can enhance your smile and boost your confidence. Our cosmetic dentist team in Austin will keep your oral health condition in mind and help you choose a treatment that best suits your needs. Please take a look at the services we offer.

Teeth Whitening

To give you a brighter smile, we offer professional teeth whitening services, both at home and in our dental office. Over time, our teeth tend to turn yellow due to our food habits and lifestyle. A quick teeth whitening procedure can help you get rid of a stained smile in the blink of an eye. The materials used for the whitening procedure are completely safe and the results are very reliable. Our team of dentists will also guide you after the procedure to make sure that your newly whitened smile can last longer. Call us at TRU Dentistry Austin today.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are tooth-colored coverings that are fused to the front surfaces of teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers can be used to treat a variety of issues, including highly discolored teeth, damaged teeth, unevenly shaped or misaligned teeth, big gaps between teeth, and more. Feel free to consult our dentists immediately if you are facing any of the issues mentioned above. Our dental experts at TRU Dentistry will customize the veneers according to your preferences and ensure that they fit you properly.


Invisalign is a set of clear aligners that can help you straighten your teeth discreetly. These trays are almost invisible which makes it difficult for people to understand. You can achieve a straighter smile with no hassle of painful wires and brackets. You will just need to wear a series of custom-made trays that will slowly shift your teeth into the perfect position.


Botulinum Toxin, or Botox, is an injectable medication that is used to treat a variety of medical and cosmetic issues. It helps in muscle relaxation and has been shown to benefit some people with migraines, bruxism, jaw clenching, and continuous muscle spasms.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dental treatment that can help you get rid of all the issues associated with chipped teeth. Our dentists at TRU Dentistry Austin will use a resin-like dental-grade product and bond it with your teeth. This will give you a clean finish and improve your overall appearance.


Dental contouring may be a good option if your teeth require slight reshaping. Contouring softly shapes your existing enamel to give it a more pleasing appearance. It is used to shorten your teeth, get rid of sharp edges, or achieve a smoother teeth surface.

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If you are looking for a complete transformation and want to enhance your appearance then consult our dentists today. Simply call us at (737) 203-8538 or visit our dental office in Austin, TX to book an appointment with us. We are looking forward to helping you maintain your beautiful smile. Get in touch with us today!

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My husband, my son, and I have been to the dentist a couple times now and the staff here is super!! Jessica at the front desk is amazing. Ashton is such a detailed dental hygienist she does such a wonderful job cleaning your teeth and allowing you to know what exactly you need to do. I have been to Dentist offices all over the East Coast and she is by far one of the ever been to! So glad I found this place! ~Desiree
Jan 05, 2023
Will Junk
I recently needed find a new dentist in Austin, so I was referred to TRU Dentistry by my amazing girlfriend. I went in for a general check-up and teeth cleaning, and the entire experience was fantastic from start to finish. The staff was friendly, efficient and knowledgable; they made sure I knew what was happening every step of the appointment. The facility is modern, clean, and inviting (had Netflix going in my room); which is very important for someone who does not enjoy going to the dentist. Lastly, I felt the whole process was extremely transparent and easy (the conversations with the hygienist/dentist were helpful/constructive, and they communicated the pricing of everything throughout). Overall, I was couldn't be more pleased with TRU Dentistry and I'm, happy to say I have found myself a new permanent dentist in Austin.
Jun 01, 2023
Mary Smith
Just prior to spring break, I had severe oral pain from a tooth out of alignment. My regular dentist was on vacation & her first appointment was March 27.Two weeks of pain? Yikes! I stumbled on an ad online for TRU Dentistry.The front office staff was professional, friendly, kind & able to book an appointment within a few days. I am a Registered Nurse so am extremely picky about my care. The clinic was very clean & welcoming. Dr. Samantha Hollinger was AMAZING! She went over my treatment options & even offered to refer me to another dentist to try to save my tooth. However, I had already consulted an orthodontist & had a plan in place. She is highly skilled in performing extractions. She took time to explain the procedure & after-care. Honestly, I wish this office was covered under my dental plan. I’d make them my primary dental office. Thanks for being there & giving outstanding care! Their high reviews are well-deserved.
Mar 23, 2023
Alice Cochran
I've always had good experiences at this clinic. The staff is always very pleasant and I'm seen in a timely fashion. Today the dentist gave me one of the gentlest cleanings I've ever had without it feeling in any way rushed.
Jan 09, 2023
DeNeshia Echols
The staff was very nice and welcoming. The dentist explained everything thoroughly. However, I would advise you list the services you don’t do so people won’t waste their time and money. The website stated they perform extractions, but it doesn’t state they don’t do wisdom teeth extractions. I was in pain and needed that tooth gone. Had it listed on the website they don’t extract wisdom teeth, I would’ve never scheduled the appointment.
May 09, 2023

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