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Dental Implants Austin TX

What are Dental Implants?

Besides several other signs of progress in dental technology, dental implants Austin have also enhanced considerably since first introduced in the dental field. Today’s implants are more aesthetically pleasing and also more functional and durable. Implants are a restorative dental procedure used to replace one or more teeth. Unlike dental bridges or partials, the implant is an individual restoration that only impacts the area of the lost tooth.

A small surgery is needed to install a titanium post (which looks much like a screw) in the socket where the tooth root was present. This post is left to fuse with the surrounding bone mass. When an adequate amount of bone has fused with the post, the site is then prepped to receive a dental crown which will be sitting on the post. The crown looks and feels like an original tooth. When the area is mostly healed and ready, the crown is fixed to the post and the result is a tooth that appears as natural as any of the teeth in the mouth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When you have lost your teeth, it isn’t just embarrassing; however, your mouth also loses balance quickly if kept untreated. Dental Implants allow you to look and feel very improved and also boost your self-esteem. There are several reasons why Dr. Samantha Hollinger advises using a dental implant. Some important reasons are:

Types of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are available in different sizes and also heights. You can find two types of dental implants:

Dental Implants Procedure

The dental implant process includes replacing the natural tooth roots with metal that appear and function just like those of the original roots. At first, we cut-open the gum of the individual and then expose their bone. Then, we drill holes in the bone where the implant is needed to be inserted. Then, the dental implant is carefully inserted into the hole.

Because the posts serve as tooth roots, we insert them deep into the bone. At this point, the individual still has a space where the tooth is lost. Sometimes, we even provide a partial, temporary denture for enhancing the appearance. The person will be able to take it out for cleaning, or during sleep.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants need precision. Dr. Samantha Hollinger has been trained in this area and has great experience in implant dentistry. Feel free to ask our dental professionals any queries you may have.

Dental implants have a truly high success rate; however, it is crucial that you take care of the implant as advised to make sure that your implant has the best possibility of being successful.

A dental implant is an investment in your dental health. Like any other investment, you must make sure that you visit a professional who is highly trained and experienced in performing the process. If you are interested in receiving Dental Implants in Austin, call us today and book an appointment for an examination and consultation so you can find out whether you are an ideal candidate for a dental implant.

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Mackenzie Spadoni
I truly cannot think of a better first visit to a dentist! I came in for a regular cleaning since I had not had one in 6 months.. during the time I was there which was an hour and a half they were able to do X-rays of my teeth, scan my teeth for a night guard, clean my teeth and fill two cavities that were easy and painless! The office has a very welcoming and calming vibe to it and the staff is very friendly! If you’re trying to find a new dentist in Austin I HIGHLY recommend coming here!
Oct 05, 2022
My husband, my son, and I have been to the dentist a couple times now and the staff here is super!! Jessica at the front desk is amazing. Ashton is such a detailed dental hygienist she does such a wonderful job cleaning your teeth and allowing you to know what exactly you need to do. I have been to Dentist offices all over the East Coast and she is by far one of the ever been to! So glad I found this place! ~Desiree
Jan 05, 2023
Sarah Welbes
I rarely ever write reviews and I hate the dentist. So you can see how writing a review for a dentist is rare for me. This was one of the best experiences I've had from a healthcare professional. The front desk staff (hi Chase!) we're so nice and explained all my insurance coverage/cost to me. The dental staff was phenomenal. In an hour and 15 minutes, they were able to take new patient x-rays of my mouth, deep clean my teeth, fill a cavity, take a scan for a mouth guard/retainer and do a fluoride treatment. All of that would have taken multiple visits at my last dentist. Cannot sing the praises of this group enough. So happy I found a dentist I can enjoy going to!
Sep 29, 2022
Cindy Espinoza
Everyone is very professional, from the moment you walk in. They take the time to listen and answer all of your questions. They explain everything that they are going to do. They did an awesome job. My teeth look amazing. Definitely recommend this practice. If you are looking for amazing people, to help you achieve a beautiful smile. This is the place to go to.!!
Sep 15, 2022
Alice Cochran
I've always had good experiences at this clinic. The staff is always very pleasant and I'm seen in a timely fashion. Today the dentist gave me one of the gentlest cleanings I've ever had without it feeling in any way rushed.
Jan 09, 2023

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