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Tooth Extractions in Austin TX

Tooth Extractions

Despite giving your best efforts, at times teeth require to be extracted in order to protect your oral health. When our dentist will discuss every other possibility and you’ve decided to get your tooth extracted, we’ll take all necessary steps to help you. Your well-being is always our top-most priority in any treatment decision. A few patients prefer sedation while undergoing oral surgery, and we can definitely include medicated options into your treatment plan. Apart from that, we take all measures to make even minor surgical processes as relaxing as possible.

Teeth present various levels of extraction difficulty, but the TRU Dentistry team takes pride in helping every person get numb with modern anesthetics to begin every treatment process. Once the anesthesia settles in, careful steps are taken with tools created to remove your tooth from its place. Particular instructions are provided by the dentist which helps you take care of the site after the removal process, along with prescriptions for any medications required during the healing period.

At TRU Dentistry, our top priority is helping you to maintain and protect your teeth healthy and beautiful. And therefore, we offer various general dentistry services to prevent tooth loss. However, there are certain times when a tooth may need to be extracted, and when that happens, we are here to help you with that process also.

Unfortunately, even the best treatment services may not be able to save your tooth. You may have had an injury that resulted in great tooth damage, extensive decay or it could also be a wisdom tooth that is leading to problems as it erupts. Despite the reason, losing a tooth does not require it to be a painful or traumatic experience. We provide sedation to help relieve your tension, if required, ensuring that you are never in pain or feeling anxious.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The most common teeth that usually require extraction are the wisdom teeth. Even though certain people have no problems when their wisdom erupts during their late teens and early twenties, the rest may require having these teeth extracted. Wisdom teeth can overcrowd the mouth, resulting in teeth misalignment and pain. They can even turn out to be impacted or develop at odd angles. When these problems arise, extraction is required to prevent other dental problems.

It is always our mission to help you preserve all your original teeth. However, if you do require a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal in Austin, TX, we are here to help you. We even provide options for tooth replacement, which includes dental bridges and implants. Contact TRU Dentistry today to book an appointment.

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