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Top 5 Root Canal Symptoms

Most individuals are afraid of root canals since they appear to be a painful treatment. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Technological advancements in modern dentistry have reduced root canal pain and made these procedures painless. This process usually focuses on your roots and properly disinfects them. Root canal procedures are usually recommended by dentists before an extraction. Hence, it is essential to notice the signs that show that you need a root canal. Our dentists at Tru Dentistry have listed them below.

What Is A Root Canal?

If your teeth have become severely infected, your only choice is a root canal. Your Austin dentist will treat the roots of your teeth thoroughly. The tooth is then carefully cleaned to prevent the possibility of additional damage. You will experience minor pain and swelling after your root canal treatment. The pain does not stay for long and your recovery will also be hassle-free.

What Are The Root Canal Symptoms?

Now that we have an overview of root canals, let us find out the root canal symptoms. Look out for these warning signs that indicate you might be requiring a root canal soon. Consult your dentist in Austin as soon as you spot them.

Sudden Sensitivity

Do you feel a sudden sensation of pain if you eat something too hot or too cold? This is known as dentin sensitivity and most of us tend to avoid it thinking that it is a common occurrence. However, it could indicate that the blood vessels and nerves inside your teeth are damaged. If you feel the sensitivity for a long period of time, even after you have finished eating then you must consult your Austin dentist immediately.

Constant Pain

Tooth pain is one of the most common indicators that something is wrong with your oral cavity. It could pain constantly or it could keep coming back from time to time. It is best to get this pain addressed without any delay. Early diagnosis leads to effective treatment and prevents further oral health complications.

Loose Teeth

An infected root could result in a loose tooth. Tooth mobility usually occurs due to nerve death and indicates that you need a root canal procedure.  Acidic byproducts soften the bone around the infected tooth causing it to wobble.

Gum Inflammation

Swollen gums near the infected tooth may indicate an issue that requires root canal treatment. It’s possible that the swelling will come and go. It could be sore when you touch it, or it could be completely painless. You could also suffer from a pus-filled gum boil. These boils usually secrete pus and lead to an unpleasant taste inside your mouth. They could also cause a foul odor.

Tooth Discoloration

It is essential to visit your dentist in Austin if you notice that your tooth is changing color. Your tooth could turn greyish-black in color if your internal tissue has been damaged. This is a very clear indication that you require a root canal procedure to prevent tooth loss.
We hope this blog helps you to make informed choices regarding your root canal procedure. Get in touch with us at TRU Dentistry Austin if you are looking for the best root canal procedures in Austin, TX.