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Lost Your Dental Insurance Due to COVID? We Can Help!

Many people believe they can’t maintain their appointments or receive much needed dental care without insurance. TRU Dentistry Austin wants everyone to know it is our mission to serve patients with or without insurance by providing quality dentistry through a variety of payment options.

“We understand that some patients may have recently lost their employer-sponsored dental plan, or simply can’t afford it. Our number one goal is to serve anyone and everyone, regardless of their financial situation,” says TRU Dentistry owner, “I can’t tell you how many patients, even before COVID, that have come in and said they can’t take care of certain problems until they get their own insurance. We want patients to know that not having insurance is absolutely fine.”

Dental Insurance vs. TRU Club

Dental insurance can be extremely beneficial, and if an employer offers it, it’s a wonderful benefit to take advantage of. However, if that’s not an option for you, you do not have to go without care in order to maintain your oral health. The TRU Dentistry team created the TRU Club so patients without insurance can get the care they need at an affordable price.

Unlike insurance, the TRU Club has no waiting period, no annual maximums and will never require patients to submit a claim. TRU Club members receive free exams and x-rays, and all other services at a discounted price.

“These are unprecedented times. It’s not just about good looking teeth; it’s about your health. We know some patients, even if they have insurance, were not able to visit the dentist during the quarantine and may have had to endure some discomfort until dental offices were able to re-open.  No matter your situation, now is the perfect time to take care of your dental health. In addition, we’re currently waiving the fee for TRU Club until September 30th,”

Experience the TRU Difference

 “I’ve worked in corporate settings and they’re all about one thing – making money. For us, we want our dentistry to be about caring for everybody. To us, our patients are family; they’re friends. We want anyone to be comfortable enough to call and ask a question and not be embarrassed or intimidated”. We stand by our promise to be TRU to you…TRU service, prices, and smiles.

Now through the end of the year, we’re offering new patient specials to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile! Book your appointment today and experience the TRU difference!

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