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Dentist Insights & Tips

Terrible Things People Do with Their Teeth

Maybe it’s because our teeth are the hardest part of our bodies. Maybe it’s just human nature to take our health and strength for granted. Whatever the case, we humans have an unfortunate tendency to do terrible things with our

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Ow! What to Do About Sensitive Teeth

Pain in the mouth is like no other. It’s no wonder, really, since it’s hard to avoid the very things that can trigger the pain – like chewing, drinking, or even breathing. Your mouth is directly connected to the tendons,

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Local Dentist Supports Austin ISD Schools

Local dentistry office, TRU Dentistry Austin on South Lamar, shows their support for Austin ISD. It is estimated that the School Bus Advertising program for Austin ISD can generate up to $388,000 annually for AISD schools. With school district budget

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Why Your Holidays Should Include the Dentist

The holidays? And your dentist? Absolutely! Dental insurance benefits reset every year—they don’t roll over—so the last couple months of the year are a great time to see the dentist. (Check to make sure your benefits run on a calendar

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What Your Dentist Can Do with Botox®

Most of us wouldn’t think of our dentist when we hear the word Botox® (botulinum toxin), but we should. Dentists in Texas, like Austin Dentist Samantha Hollinger, DMD, can be licensed to use Botox® injections to help patients with pain related

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